Mimmo Paladino


Mimmo Paladino

Photographed by Pasquale Palmieri

Mimmo Paladino (born 18 December 1948) is an Italian sculptor, painter and printmaker.
Mimmo Paladino was born Domenico Paladino in Paduli, Campania, southern Italy. He attended the Liceo Artistico of Benevento (Benevento Art High School) from 1964 to 1968, when minimalism and conceptualism dominated the international art scene. Mimmo Paladino played a leading part in the international revival of painting towards the end of the 1970s. His first work, in line with the prevailing conceptual climate at the time, showed an interest in photography, but in 1977 he had already moved on to the creation of two major tempera murals, one at the Toselli gallery in Milan and one at the Lucio Amelio gallery in Naples.
In 1980, he exhibited his work at the Venice Biennale, in the “Aperto 80” exhibition. Other Italian artists present included Sandro Chia, Francesco Clemente, Enzo Cucchi and Nicola de Maria: the leaders of the Transavantgarde movement. However, it was largely thanks to a picture exhibition held in a range of Central European museums, from the Kunsthalle in Basel, to the Museum Folkwang in Essen and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, that Paladino finally consolidated his international fame. Meanwhile, two personal exhibitions were held simultaneously in New York that year, by Annina Nosei and Marian Goodman, extending his fame to the United States.
In 1981, the Kunstmuseum in Basel organised a major personal exhibition of paintings, curated by Dieter Koepplin. This was then also put on at the Kestner-Gesellschaft in Hanover, the Mannheimer Kunstverein in Mannheim and the Groninger Museum in Groningen. The Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Bologna also dedicated a personal exhibition to him that year.
In the early 1980s, he began making his first sculptures. Exhibitions followed, one after the other, and in 1981 Paladino took part in “A New Spirit in Painting”, at the Royal Academy of Art in London, and the Paris Biennale.
In the following year, 1982, he took part in the Sydney Biennial and the “Documenta 7” in Kassel. This was followed by three major personal exhibitions that same year: in Humlebaek, thanks to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, in Wuppertal, at the Museumsverein, and at the Staedtische Galerie in Erlangen.
He exhibited at the Transavantgarde exhibition in 1983, at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, the “New Art” exhibition in London’s Tate Gallery that same year, and the “Det Italienska Transavangardet” at the Lunds Konsthall in Stockholm, the following year.
At the same time, two major personal exhibitions were dedicated to him, the first at the Harbour Museum in Newport, Los Angeles, and the second at the Musée Saint-Pierre Art Contemporain in Lyon, in 1984. In 1984, Mimmo Paladino also exhibited at the “An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture” show, at the New York Museum of Modern Art. He was then invited to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, and also took part in the “Contemporary Italian Masters” exhibition at the Chicago Council on Fine Arts.
Drawing always plays a fundamental part in Mimmo Paladino work, and he was the leading participant in the 1983 “Nuovi Disegni” exhibition at the Kunstmuseum in Basel. He also took part in the major exhibition “Skulptur im 20. Jahrhundert” in this Swiss city, the following year.
He was involved in other major personal exhibitions, including the rich 1985 retrospective exhibition dedicated to him by Munich’s “Staedtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus”. Other exhibitions were held at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo (1985), at the Kulturhaus in Graz and the Moderne Galerie Rupertinum in Salzburg (1987). Further collective exhibitions were held at the San Paolo Biennial, the Paris Biennale, the “Bilder für Frankfurt” at the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt (1985). In 1988 he had a personal room in the XLIII Biennale in Venice.
He put on personal exhibitions at the Villa delle Rose, Bologna (1990), the Belvedere in Prague (1991), the Museu de Arte in San Paolo (1992), the Forte Belvedere in Florence (1993), and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Monterrey (1994).
In the 1990s, Mimmo Paladino began carrying out important interventions on urban spaces, such as the permanent “Hortus Conclusus” installation in the San Domenico cloisters, in Benevento (1992). In 1994 he was granted a personal exhibition in Naples, in the Scuderie di Palazzo Reale, Villa Pignatelli Cortes, and piazza Plebiscito, where he installed the “Montagna di sale”.
In 1999, a major exhibition in the South London Gallery featured “Testimoni”, a new complete collection of 20 white Vicenza Stone sculptures and “Zenith”, a series of works in mixed techniques on aluminium. After the installation of “Dormienti” designed in 1998 for the Fonte delle Fate in Poggibonsi, he presented the “Dormienti” installation, in 1999, in the Roundhouse cellar in London. The work is set to music written especially for the occasion by Brian Eno. That year he was also decorated with the title of Honorary Member by the Royal Academy of London. Later, Mimmo Paladino created the set designs for Veglia (1992) directed by Mario Martone, in Benevento, Schiller’s La sposa di Messina (1994) directed by Elio de Capitani, in Gibellina, and Edipo Re (2000) at the Teatro Argentina in Rome, directed, once again, by Mario Martone.


Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2012    –  Dedicato a Cesare Pavese, Centro Espositivo Sloveno, Venice
–  Galleria Mazzoli, Modena

2011    –  Mimmo Paladino a Palazzo Reale, Milan
–  Il destino dell’uomo, Galleria San Fedele, Milan
–  Recreation of Salt Mountain, Vittorio Emanuelle and the cathedral in Piazza del
Duomo, Milan
–  Helmet, Castello Sofrzesco, Milan
–  Paintings & Sculptures 1983 – 2003, Lubjana,

2010    –  Galerie Christian Stein, Milan
–  Galerie Marlborough, Monaco
–  Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome
– Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009    –  Antico Seminario Piazza del Duomo, Lecce
–  Skulpturen, Mozarteum, Salzburg
–  Februar 1917, Galerie Kluser, Munich
–  I Dormienti, Cripta Medievale, Positano

2008    –   Galleria Scognamiglio, Naples
–  Nouveau Musee National, Monaco
–  Palacio Sastago, Saragosse, Spain

2007    –  Madre Museo d’Arte Donna Regina, Naples
–  Sculptures, Galerie Ropac, Paris
–  Galleria Civica, Modena
–  Galerie Alice Pauli, Lausanne
–  Figura Humana y Abstraccion, Wurth Museo La Rioja, Agoncillo, Spain

2006    –  Galleria Cardi, Milano, Italy (solo)
–  Mimmo Paladino Black & White, Waddington Galleries, London
–  Galerie Christian Stein, Milan

2005    –  Museum of Capodimonte, Naples
–  Shizuoka Art Gallery, Shizuoka, Japan
–  Mimmo Paladino malerei & sculptur, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Austria
–  Miraggi, Alan Cristea Gallery, London

2004    –  Particular view, Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, Florence – Siena, Italy
–  The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, Japan
–  New Paintings and Sculptures, Galerie Ropac, Paris
–  Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome

2003    –  Bronze and Iron Sculpture 1987-2000, Waddington Galleries, London, UK
–  Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy
–  Galerie Christian Stein, Milan

2002    –  Galleria Valentina Bonomo, Rome
–  Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris

2001    –  Print Retrospective, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
–  Galerie Christian Stein, Milan
–  Galerie Depelmannn, Lagenhagen
–  Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

2000    –  Mimmo Paladino, Artiscope II, Brussels
–  Galerie Depelmannn, Lagenhagen

1999    –  Mimmo Paladino: Bilder Skulpturen Zeichnungen, 1979-1999, Galerie Bernd
Klüser, Munich
–  Mimmo Paladino: Oeuvres récentes, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris
–  New Works, Jamileh Weber Gallery, Zurich
–  Alan Cristea Gallery, London
–  South London Gallery, London

1998    –  Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria
–  DuMont Kunsthalle, Cologne

1997    – Fondazione Stelline, Milan
– Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria
–  Alan Cristea Gallery, London
–  Waddington Galleries, London

1996    –  Sperone Westwater, New York, NY
–  Les Musees de la ville de Strasbourg, Strasbourg
–  Galleria Gianluca Collica, Catania, Italy

1995    – Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
– Waddington Galleries, London
–  Galerie Bernd Kluser, Munich
–  Museo Diego Aragona Pignatelli Cortes, Naples

1994    –  Waddington Galleries, London
–  Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey, Mexico
–  Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris
–  Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Austria
–  National Gallery of Fine Arts, Beijing
–  Galleria Emilio Mazzoli, Modena, Italy
–  Galleria Arte 92, Milan

1993    –  Forte di Belvedere, Florence

1992    –  Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea, Trento, Italy
–  Museu de Gravura, Curitiba, Brazil
–  Museu de Arte Moderna, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
–  Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro
–  Convento San Domenico, Benevento, Italy
–  Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris

–  Galleria Gian Enzo Sperone, FIAC, Paris
–  Galleria Emilio Mazzoli, Modena, Italy

1991    –  Duson Gallery & Ana Gallery, Seoul Art Center, Seoul,  South Korea
–  Galerie Papierski, Paris
–  Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris

–  Waddington Galleries, London / Sperone Westwater, New York, NY
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–  Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, WA

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1985    –  Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, IL
–  Sperone Westwater, New York, NY
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1984    –  Waddington Galleries, London
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1969    –  Galleria Carolina di Portici, Naples
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