Paul O’Connor


Artist’s Bio:

I feel a deep connection to the structure and form of squares and hexagons. I’ve been working exclusively with these two shapes for the past nine years. Their simplicity makes them infinitely relatable to others. I’m using that directness of form to communicate something of what I experience in my daily meditation practice and time spent in the studio…both of these actions comprise the critical point of departure from the habitual conditioned mind, allowing for an expression of Spaciousness and Stillness to manifest. I think of my work as minimal in that I’ve reduced my visual vocabulary down to a handful of elements to express, what for me is otherwise impossible to put into words: to create forms that reflect the world as I feel it. The primary symbol in my work is the void, or black hole which speaks to the sensation of spaciousness. There is an absolute purity and depth in these black spaces, so vast that light gets lost in them. Nor is there anything to corrode or tarnish because it is devoid of substance. By contrast, surrounding these voids are the ‘regular’ materials I work with: various kinds of wood and metals, like copper, brass and aluminum which becomes the base, then I paint, patina, grind or polish to a mirror finish, other times having a coat of automotive paint applied to make a liquid light smooth surface. It sets up the most basic dichotomy of form and formlessness. The ruler, which appears in many pieces, is symbolic of the rational mind that always wants to quantify, measure, count or time our experiences, compare and judge or gage our lineare existence.

When things are good in the studio, I’m simply following the materials and intuitive mind… when that’s happening I feel whole and connected to something larger than myself.

Exhibitions & Collections

2020    Christian Cheneau Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

            Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Montreux, Switzerland

            Figure & Vista, Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)

            Contemporary Art Taos 2020, Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

2019    Fields of Precious Emptiness, Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Montreux, Switzerland

            Taos Characters V, Taos Center for the Arts, Taos, NM (solo)

2018    Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Kunst Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

            Inde/Jacobs Gallery, Marfa, TX

            Vivian Horan Fine Art, Art Miami, Miami, FL

            The Shape of Time, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY       

            Taos: 1960s to the Present, Vivian Horan Fine Art, New York, NY

2017    Vivian Horan Fine Art, Art Miami, Miami, FL

            Vivian Horan Fine Art, The Salon: Art + Design, New York City, NY

2016    6s & 4s, Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)

            The Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

2014    Taos Characters IV, The Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)

2012    60 Portraits of Taos Artists, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, NM (solo)

            Selected Portraits, Hulse/Warman Gallery, Taos, NM

2004    Taos Characters III, The Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)

1997    Taos Characters II, The Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)

1991    Taos Characters I, The Philip Bareiss Gallery, Taos, NM (solo)



·         The Bibliothèque Nationale de France

·         The Harwood Museum, Taos, New Mexico

·         International Center of Photography, New York City

·         Museo Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico

·         Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, New Mexico

·         Snite Museum of Art, Notre Dame, Indiana

·         Various private collections